Chasing the wrong ideal

There is a voice in my head becoming louder and clearer. I fantasize about a calmer, slower and more peaceful life in a village—one where I can be fully present. I wonder when I did buy into this ideal of life that is about running after success and recognition as a means to happiness. When did I start confusing impact with celebrity and success with public recognition? All this time, I have been chasing an ideal that was never mine to begin with. I failed to relax and operated like I had something to prove to the world.

A reflection about the history of Psychology and my hope for the future

Knowing and recognizing this openness of the field gives me permission and trust that my questioning will also be valid when the time comes. It gives me the freedom to go to the end of my questions, to test my hypothesis, to focus less on the search for specific answers and to surrender to what arises from my research, what my research or questions would inspire in others, and how their approval or rejection would contribute to the field. 

What I have learned about Boundaries

Boundaries are the limits you set to feel safe and respected. To approach relationships in a way that honours your authenticity. When I think of boundaries, I think of a spectrum, from light to very strict.  I have also learned that boundaries are not a determinant of love  Sometimes we would have the stringiest boundaries... Lire la Suite →

What matters to you.

I used to think that a parent’s role was to raise a mini or better version of ourselves. I used to believe that as parents, we must ensure that our descendants fully embrace our values, traditions, and ways of living. But time made me change my perspective. Here is why.


  I said to myself one day; that I would tell my divorce story.  But when I felt ready to do so, I couldn’t decide which story I wanted to tell.  If you’ve ever been on this journey, you will know that your feelings vary from one day to another. That the emotions you experience... Lire la Suite →


Tout a commencé par une conversation avec ma thérapeute lorsqu'elle m'a demandé de parler de mon enfance. Un sourire mélancolique sur mon visage, j'ai commencé par lui dire que j'avais eu une enfance magnifique.

Des amours et des « Je t’aime »

Je ne dirai plus jamais « je t’aime. » Cette phrase devenue une contradiction en soi. Centré sur l’objet de notre convoitise, centré sur notre égo, On confine l’amour dans les limites de nos perceptions, de nos possibilités, de notre imaginaire.

Retirer à la vie tous ses filtres

Nous étions nus, allongés sur ton lit à profiter de l’instant présent. Je ne savais pas encore que ce serait notre dernière fois "ensemble". On avait pris un instant pour créer une image mentale de ce moment que nous voulions à jamais graver dans nos mémoires et dans celle du monde. Je me souviens du... Lire la Suite →

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