What I have learned about Boundaries

Boundaries are the limits you set to feel safe and respected. To approach relationships in a way that honours your authenticity.

When I think of boundaries, I think of a spectrum, from light to very strict. 

I have also learned that boundaries are not a determinant of love 

Sometimes we would have the stringiest boundaries with the people we love the most. 

And, sometimes, we would have the lightest boundaries with complete strangers providing us with a place in which we feel safe to exist as we are.

To exist fully sometimes means that we would have to find new definitions for what matters to us: Family, friendship, happiness, fulfilment, success, you name it.

Sometimes the most challenging part is to figure it out before we learn to recognize them. Then, find the strength to come to peace with people hating you for loving, protecting and honouring yourself.  

Either way, boundaries are a daily practice. Learn to communicate your boundaries clearly and respect other people’s boundaries as well. 

Do not let people get comfortable crossing them.  

And if you’ve failed to honour them today, start again tomorrow.

With love always,


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